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HERE are  some of the most important must have accessories for any Droid fan to keep your share of entertainment on the max Here goes

 Chargers For any Droid fan the biggest concern is the juice their batteries have even if you have 1700 ma with heavy gaming wifi and 3g it wont last more than 6 to 7 hours . There are several ways to solve this problem

micro USB charger is the best option where you can charge your Droid on the go without the need to to plugging in your device to a socket but more comfort comes with more cost (20 $ ) for a good company micro USB charger.

A  car charger. available at (9$ or 200INR) Con : phone needs plugging in.
Spare battery. 

A spare battery external charger such as this one. A pure Chinese invention.

Lastly use your phone sensibly switch off your wifi 3g or 2g data and Bluetooth if not required . Also make your autosync settings to once a day or manual.


Bluetooth head set indispenaible if you have a nagging girl friend and a very demanding wife.
Head phones if your a music addict.
USB otg plug 

A must have for every Droid fan. Since andoid has the capacity ro connect your device to USB pendrive or thumb drive.directly. Why not enjoy it. Plus some phones like galaxy note allow you to connect to a USB mouse / key board.

 USB jig
Only if you like to root your phone often ro neutralize your install counter befor you take your device to any warranty claims.

Extremely useful if you travel a lot and use your google maps and gps . this one below comes with a charger.

Bluetooth mouse

wireless keyboard

trendy accessory
if you are a trendy person you would love to make your phone look 
LUXA SGS2 Battery Cover Pictures, Images and Photos LUXA SGS2 Battery Cover Pictures, Images and Photos

Last but not the least Some apps Like juice defender though this one is not one of my preferred methods. 

One new app I discovered shake to charge. Yes it does work but by the time your battery reaches full you will be DRAINED.

so accessoriese  your self
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