Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Well I feel the wait is finally over for the most awaited app on android.. INSTAGRAM.. We since I had an allergy to apple iproducts had never experienced in what INSTAGRAM could do but then I always had listened to the fan boys say apples intagram this INSTAGRAM that but the final trigger to my intrested started when a British university started offering a course in photography based on how to use INSTAGRAM that rang some bells that it must have something that the whole icommunity is bragging about and I don't feel different the app is really good has umpteen number of filters and a number of edit options though the interface needs some work.. And what else this app is like a photo editor with its own LIGHTBOX, meaning u can share the pics with your loves ones and also share it with the world if you please. It's like flicker all over.. Though I did see some people obviously, the previous I fanboys who said that it lacked certain functions. Hmm INSTAGRAM if you have to compete with other paid cam apps this is the time when people will try to install you out of sheer popularity and don't let them get disappointed later on.. In conclusion I can only say this it is an awesome app but it also needs some adjustments or improvements.

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