Saturday, 12 December 2015

SAVE MOBILE DATA tips and tricks

In this generation of data hogging apps one will see the warning " you have exhausted your data " more frequently. Especially in this age of 4g where only the data speeds are increasing with no fall in their prices hence burning a hole through your pockets

Here are some tricks to conserve data use it more efficiently

Go to your settings >data usage

Add set data limit then also adjust the data warning by moving the bar according to your convenience also set the monthly cycle on the date of your recharge. This is a great option to keep track of your data consumption.
Next check out the APPS draining data most

Let's do something about those apps

2) go to settings of each of the apps in the list and change auto media download over mobile data to over WiFi only

Go to settings click on data saver and it will show you how much data you have conserved over time

Life it seems Is impossible without this innovation which was quickly snatched by Facebook.
Go to settings chats and calls and change videos from auto downloading to over wifi only

3) twitter
The same goes with Twitter if u are a crazy twitterati who lives every second of your life on Twitter then you might want to turn of that auto play option in the settings.

4) Facebook
Everyone one has an FB account these days atleast most of us, while you enjoy all the hip and happenings in others lives or if you are a selfie addict. Who wants to share every aspect of your life with the world.

U might want to turn down that auto media & download over mobile data in the settings turn on wifi only.

Facebook stands apart in this regard as in it gives you another option called
Facebook lite which is a cut down version of FB which will give you the bare minimum updates from FB. U can try it if u are living with only 2g network or if u have a budget phone which can not handle the regular FB app. available on play store

the moment u play a video just reduce the quality to a lower resolution this will conserve a lot of data. Or download your favorite videos offline when you are connected to wifi and watch them when you like.

Last but not the least if u don't want to compromise you experience and want to live the android experience to the fullest there is a Work around BUY YOURSELF

1) a data dongle with unlimited wifi and Internet

2) power bank

Connect these two and you are about to experience Internet ON the go without any limitations.
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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Motorola devices to TASTE Marshmallow soon

Motorola with its pure android experience is one of the first mobile companies to promise the marshmallow experience on all it devices. What's more not just it's flagship (moto x style/ pure) but also it mid range (moto x play, X 2nd and , moto g ) have all been promised the android 6 experience. But moto e has been excluded from this update as the company claims it doesn't have the hardware to support android 6

Recently Motorola rolled out android 6 update for it flagship moto x style. Making it the first mobile brand to give the pure android 6 experience next to the nexus.

Though moto gives a near raw android experience it also packs in a little of moto goodies which some people may not like but all in all even moto has to tinker the raw android rom. Hence the delay. But all its promised devices will get updated till first quarter of 2016.

The new update will improve the battery life and hopefully solve some of the heating issues with its devices.

The regular and early updates on moto along with good hardware make it unique and stands apart from other brands.

It's only a matter of time until all its devices taste the marshmallow. U can check out the details about ur device HERE
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