Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Detect pesky adds of notification bar

Ever wondered all of a sudden you are getting adds in your notification bar. Have no clue when you subscribed to them.

The adds are sometimes irrelevant and sometimes very indecent.. Just imagine your spouse or galfriend seeing adds for online dating on your droid now we know that won't go sown well.

Fear not neither you subscribed to them nor did you click a spam link its just you installed an app without checking its permissions yes its because of some apps.

But off late after once you have installed a ton of apps you loose count.. It is literally pain staking to find those pesky apps permissions..

Fear not here is a simple answer called AirPush detect..

This app detects those apps which are showing those adds on your notification bar so here's a link to the app just installed it search and it will show you a list of  apps showing those adds rather pushing those adds to your droid.

It is upto you if you want to keep the app or uninstall it..

Yes just so you know this app only shows you the list doesn't delete or uninstall the app you have to uninstall it manually.

Take a look at "AirPush Detector"

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