Tuesday, 27 March 2012

voice navigation on android

OK all of us love Google maps and it functionality. also love the navigational functionality. but what about those countries like India where voice navigation of Google doesn't work. answer Nokia has launched its maps service though it is a bit slow but it has a functionality to save your maps which ever maps your require can be saved over a WiFi or 3g before you start your journey. also it has a navigation function with voice so if you are driving you don't need to stop to look into the map for directions. helps especially if u have no navigator beside you. though Nokia maps hasn't launched a stand alone app for android devices but one can always visit its web page enter the destination and it shows the route and also allows you to save it and download the audio required for navigation turn by turn. may not seem much to people in the western subcontinent but a real boon to people who were looking forward to a voice activated navigation system. another features i look gives you a live traffic feed which is awesome. try it at m.maps.nokia.com
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