Saturday, 3 March 2012

Essentials apps for Android

For any proud Android owner the most important thing is apps.
We are in a constant search for apps to make our Droid ubercool. And if u are an Android user you are already considered the one who wants to use their smartphone to thw fullest extent. So here is a pack of most essential apps to get u started.


As an Android user the first app u should inatall is an antivirus especially if u are going to intall apps from non android market sources, believe me there are quite a few. Some of the trust worthy wil be mentioned in my future posts
There r a number of antivirus apps out there althought people and the comments and hits on the android market say its LOOKOUT security. I personally feel that AVAST is a better choice since it is light has an inbuilt anti theft option, scans apps immediately as u intall them. Much faster than LOOKOUT. More functions than AVG. So I give it a 4 stars.

2.file manager

a must have app for any beginner especially if u wana organize your files and folders better. Again there are a number of explorers out there and most have similar function. to name a few ASTROfile manager has the highest hits but it is more usefull if u have a eootes device. Other note worthy apps ESEXPLORER has its own image viewer and player. FILE MANAGER is yet another extremely light and more graphical feel. But no player yet a nice file explorer. manager

when we hear of zip or rar file we one name always strikea us winrar on PC but on androis they havent done a satisfactory job. So the app I recomend is ARHIDROID a neat app which lets u view zip and rar files and also allows us to make zip and rar files.

4. Back up


How can we forget backup. Especially if u have installed a number of apps and u don't want to download All the apps if u upgrade or reset ur phone. Agreed that your aaps are saved under your id on Android market but it only saves a list of names of your apps and if u are on a limited bandwidth its really painfull.
APPBACKUP is a nice app which saves all the installation files of ur app on an sd card. Cons does not save app data or game advances.
But if u want to save ur files game advances or even clone your device it had to be rooted. TITANIUM BACKUP does a wonderfull job in this regard.

5. Launchers

Even though u are not serious about beautification of ur device the third party lauchers pack a lot of addons which makes it a necessity. Be it your face book widget twitter or ur message replacement app.
GoLAUNCHER is wondeefull with all the beat addons. Best thing is its free
Laucher pro pro as in paid though has good themes doesnt match go launcher pro
ADW laucher is also paid and has good themes but addons are not satisfactory.
SPBSHELL LAUCNCHER the best outlook and graphics on the market and so ia the price rs 750 or 15$. Its because its 3d fuction and swirling home screen. Keep following my post or just ask mw how do u get it to try for free.

6. Hiding ur apps

we always want to share our apps but we also dont want others to see a few.
So for those of u who want this
HIDE IT PRO is an awesome app.

7. Go smspro

This is a replace ment app for ur SMS come with its own chat messenger message counter and umpteen number of themes. Including iPhone style sms.

8. Sound hound

if u want to identify the song being played and the lyrics and if u wanna know the top 10 songs being played this a right app. Plus it plays a sample of any song u throw at it so before downloading a song u can have preview.
Other app like SHAZAM encore also do a decent job.

9. Sycing your files

Best app out there is DROPBOX
as u can sync any file photo or document across all yoy devices
Cons only 2GB of space
But if u sync it witb ur skydrive account u can make it 25 gb. Aske how or follow my posts.
Other apps like BOX have similar function with 50 GB space not as versatile as dropbox.

10. Last but not the least
Cam apps

So so so many apps here but one note worthy is
Camera fx. Has 360 odd photo filters.
Pixel o matic
Little photo
Cam dictionary (Works best for Mandarin to English and vise versa)

the list will go on
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