Monday, 5 March 2012


we FAN-droidz love installing new apps and we would go to any extent to modify our Droids
In thi s craze we also want to install apps which are paid just becauae they are awesome but often we come accross apps which are extremely expensive. Ao what do people do they turn to sources other than Android market.

What we often forget are the risks when we download from unknown sources for all we know the apps may be taintef and can be sending your personel data to to some nerd sitting with a laptop across the globe so u should we be very careful before you choose your unknown sources.
Some of the falsies in the licensing aystem of Android market apps allows you to install paid,apps from unk.own sources for free.
So what these sites do is give you the apk files(installation files of your apps)
Most of the paid apps will be available at these sites.

One has to just look into the permission of the apps that is if it has a license check every time you.use the app such app cannot be used because the market license check will invalidate the app and it will crash but as my sources say there are only 5% of all the paid apps rest will work seemlessly.

For those 5% apps if one has a rooted android device people can usually use titanium back up and freeze the market app.

Some apps being expensive wil not be available in these unknown sorces. such as educational apps these come with a limited time period or trail period so lets say it has 7 day trail period one has to go to settings manage applications and delete the app data and the reinstall it will work for another seven days this can be done any number of times.

i hope the android devs could rectify the falsies . and help the other devs
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