Sunday, 25 March 2012


hey does any one remember the good old days when we had phones with antenna's yes they look like toys these days and u get a feeling that they have extinct since the dinosaurs times. These "cellular" phones contained a simple yet a very useful way of showing notifications remember the tiny led light 'ring any bells' yes the tiny flashing light. you get an sms it flashes you get a call it flashes any notification it flashes. most of us may have forgotten it but there are a few who would think that this tiny Samaritan was indispensable. unfortunately this is missing in all most of the android phones. but the answer is finally here Given the amount of hardware one can say nothing is impossible. but without the led light o the phone the author of the app has thought of a very innovative way of flashing your notifications on the dark screen. though there are several apps which can do this but the app i mention here is unique.
NoLed the app is NoLed free on google play. why i like it is because it shows up a notification for everything from
text Messages -Voice Messages -Missed Calls -Google Talk -A Charging indicator -Calendar events -Emails (K9 and Gmail can have their own custom settings) -All other 3rd party apps. For example, Whatsapp, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. You can enable these via the Monitored Apps feature. -A charging indicator. and also flashes time. doesnt seem like a huge leap but if you use it once you cannot let it go other apps similar to this are iLed
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