Saturday, 17 March 2012

App selection help

Millions of app millions of apps on android market sorry google play..

Which one do you choose how do you choose well the best way is to see the apps rating and the reviews but it becomes tedious if u have a voracious 'APP'itite, enter social app recommendation apps these are basically apps helping people to download other apps funny as it sounds it has a huge potential..

These apps not only help you to share your app list with your friends but you can also see the apps suggested by other people around your area and around the world.

Here I mention some of the very famous ones.. Though there are too many apps but iam going to mention only 2 apps which are actually worth mentioning


This app was the first app which used social networking to share apps with family and friends and with the world the. Best part is you can hide the app / make them private and hence can share your apps selectively.. But the only problem here they haven't updated the app in a while so the interface is ancient.


This app has all the similar functions of app brain but the interface is ubercool has a father privacy option.

Beautiful interface and has people as well as bots if u like suggesting you new apps. I the greatest feature if you like the app bit don't have the time to download just book mark it to download it later.

So what are you waiting for! try them now



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