Saturday, 31 March 2012


HERE are  some of the most important must have accessories for any Droid fan to keep your share of entertainment on the max Here goes

 Chargers For any Droid fan the biggest concern is the juice their batteries have even if you have 1700 ma with heavy gaming wifi and 3g it wont last more than 6 to 7 hours . There are several ways to solve this problem

micro USB charger is the best option where you can charge your Droid on the go without the need to to plugging in your device to a socket but more comfort comes with more cost (20 $ ) for a good company micro USB charger.

A  car charger. available at (9$ or 200INR) Con : phone needs plugging in.
Spare battery. 

A spare battery external charger such as this one. A pure Chinese invention.

Lastly use your phone sensibly switch off your wifi 3g or 2g data and Bluetooth if not required . Also make your autosync settings to once a day or manual.


Bluetooth head set indispenaible if you have a nagging girl friend and a very demanding wife.
Head phones if your a music addict.
USB otg plug 

A must have for every Droid fan. Since andoid has the capacity ro connect your device to USB pendrive or thumb drive.directly. Why not enjoy it. Plus some phones like galaxy note allow you to connect to a USB mouse / key board.

 USB jig
Only if you like to root your phone often ro neutralize your install counter befor you take your device to any warranty claims.

Extremely useful if you travel a lot and use your google maps and gps . this one below comes with a charger.

Bluetooth mouse

wireless keyboard

trendy accessory
if you are a trendy person you would love to make your phone look 
LUXA SGS2 Battery Cover Pictures, Images and Photos LUXA SGS2 Battery Cover Pictures, Images and Photos

Last but not the least Some apps Like juice defender though this one is not one of my preferred methods. 

One new app I discovered shake to charge. Yes it does work but by the time your battery reaches full you will be DRAINED.

so accessoriese  your self
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Friday, 30 March 2012

Lg nitro top hd Android device of the year

Review feom cnet

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

voice navigation on android

OK all of us love Google maps and it functionality. also love the navigational functionality. but what about those countries like India where voice navigation of Google doesn't work. answer Nokia has launched its maps service though it is a bit slow but it has a functionality to save your maps which ever maps your require can be saved over a WiFi or 3g before you start your journey. also it has a navigation function with voice so if you are driving you don't need to stop to look into the map for directions. helps especially if u have no navigator beside you. though Nokia maps hasn't launched a stand alone app for android devices but one can always visit its web page enter the destination and it shows the route and also allows you to save it and download the audio required for navigation turn by turn. may not seem much to people in the western subcontinent but a real boon to people who were looking forward to a voice activated navigation system. another features i look gives you a live traffic feed which is awesome. try it at Pin It Now!

Sunday, 25 March 2012


hey does any one remember the good old days when we had phones with antenna's yes they look like toys these days and u get a feeling that they have extinct since the dinosaurs times. These "cellular" phones contained a simple yet a very useful way of showing notifications remember the tiny led light 'ring any bells' yes the tiny flashing light. you get an sms it flashes you get a call it flashes any notification it flashes. most of us may have forgotten it but there are a few who would think that this tiny Samaritan was indispensable. unfortunately this is missing in all most of the android phones. but the answer is finally here Given the amount of hardware one can say nothing is impossible. but without the led light o the phone the author of the app has thought of a very innovative way of flashing your notifications on the dark screen. though there are several apps which can do this but the app i mention here is unique.
NoLed the app is NoLed free on google play. why i like it is because it shows up a notification for everything from
text Messages -Voice Messages -Missed Calls -Google Talk -A Charging indicator -Calendar events -Emails (K9 and Gmail can have their own custom settings) -All other 3rd party apps. For example, Whatsapp, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. You can enable these via the Monitored Apps feature. -A charging indicator. and also flashes time. doesnt seem like a huge leap but if you use it once you cannot let it go other apps similar to this are iLed
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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Detect pesky adds of notification bar

Ever wondered all of a sudden you are getting adds in your notification bar. Have no clue when you subscribed to them.

The adds are sometimes irrelevant and sometimes very indecent.. Just imagine your spouse or galfriend seeing adds for online dating on your droid now we know that won't go sown well.

Fear not neither you subscribed to them nor did you click a spam link its just you installed an app without checking its permissions yes its because of some apps.

But off late after once you have installed a ton of apps you loose count.. It is literally pain staking to find those pesky apps permissions..

Fear not here is a simple answer called AirPush detect..

This app detects those apps which are showing those adds on your notification bar so here's a link to the app just installed it search and it will show you a list of  apps showing those adds rather pushing those adds to your droid.

It is upto you if you want to keep the app or uninstall it..

Yes just so you know this app only shows you the list doesn't delete or uninstall the app you have to uninstall it manually.

Take a look at "AirPush Detector"

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ICS changes illustrated

Are you wondering what would have changed in ICS from gingerbread.. Wana know what extra features have been added in ICS.

Your search ends here.. Here is a pdf showing exactly what has changed and what new features have been added..

From face unlock to the new task manager, and the contacts to the messaging and the camera.. Loads more independent


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how to install ice cream sanwich on SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 (GT I 9100)

WELL the wait for the ics update on your sgs2 is not over yet at least not in the Asian and the Indian subcontinent. so if you are not one of those who can wait here's what you can do.
download the official firmware released by Samsung in the European countries from the following HERE and use odin to install the firmware.


Step by Step Guide

Go to the Settings.
Click on About phone.
see your SGS2 kernel version.

Then power off your phone.
Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
Odin download mode will be loaded.
Connect USB cable to your phone.
At PC, extract firmware .tar file that you downloaded to Firmware folder.
Then bring up Odin3.
Click on PDA.
Select the .tar at Firmware folder.
Click Start then.
Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
That’s all and enjoys new firmware.

common questions
does this root my phone
no since you are installing the official firmware from Samsung just by passing the tedious way of installation from Samsung kies

does this void my warranty
unfortunately yes it does since it is not meant for your region.

what should i do if i want to claim my warranty?

download the official version that you had previously.
use a usb jig to delete the installation history.
then you r good for nay warranty.

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Monday, 19 March 2012


Wow finally my wait is over to search for a music player with nice interface.

This app here is called n7player.

If you have an ipod you would have missed the ipod style interface on your droid music player.

What this app does here is shows the list of music in the form of album arts. And lists unknown artists under one category.. Though it misses on the online lyrics option but interface people the interface you'll fall in love with it.

For know it is free but latervon on  it is said that it may present a paid or a donatable version so getvit today.. To enjoy the ipod style music player on your droid.

Google play link

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Gingerbread modified to ics

Do you envy other owners of sgs2 in countries like Korea and European counties since they got the ICS update and you did not and if you are not willing to root your phone then you will have to wait for a considerate amount of time but if you just want to taste it well the easiest thing you can do is use launchers but they can do just so much so here I will give you a link to a site where the author has collected all the ICS styling apps under one place.

Here you have

ICS launcher

ICS style lock

ICS style camera

ICS style messaging

ICS style live wall paper.

Lot more have fun.

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

App brain and appaware

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App selection help

Millions of app millions of apps on android market sorry google play..

Which one do you choose how do you choose well the best way is to see the apps rating and the reviews but it becomes tedious if u have a voracious 'APP'itite, enter social app recommendation apps these are basically apps helping people to download other apps funny as it sounds it has a huge potential..

These apps not only help you to share your app list with your friends but you can also see the apps suggested by other people around your area and around the world.

Here I mention some of the very famous ones.. Though there are too many apps but iam going to mention only 2 apps which are actually worth mentioning


This app was the first app which used social networking to share apps with family and friends and with the world the. Best part is you can hide the app / make them private and hence can share your apps selectively.. But the only problem here they haven't updated the app in a while so the interface is ancient.


This app has all the similar functions of app brain but the interface is ubercool has a father privacy option.

Beautiful interface and has people as well as bots if u like suggesting you new apps. I the greatest feature if you like the app bit don't have the time to download just book mark it to download it later.

So what are you waiting for! try them now



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Friday, 16 March 2012

Watch youtube videos seamlessly on 2g snail speeds

In places where you are lucky enough to have a wifi or a low priced 3g data plan. (still a dream in many countries).. The most commonly used form of interest net is still edge or wifi. Which is slow as he'll, with 5kbps speed you can't do much nor can you watch live streaming. Good videos,

ENTER NECESSITY. which is the mother of all inventions.. many people prefer downloading a YouTube video so that they can watch it withoutstreaming interruptions, but they are often feigned by presenting a pic instead of the video.. So how do you know the real videos, answer is simple by watching it live on line.

That's right folks here I am going to discuss ways How you can watch a you tube video at your gprs /edge/2g/snail speed.
1.. Real player
2. Any browser(I prefer dolphin)

first of all download the free real player from the the can play or market on your Android phone.
Open your browser, and this parts important so pay attention.. Ithe address bar enter instead of just YouTube. Com

now search for your favorite videos and click on the link watch video ur android phone will ask you if you want to play it with real player oyoutube or videos select REAL PLAYER and viola your video plays though in a low quality u can watch it it seamless ly enjoy. Pin It Now!

Easy wifi on sgs2

If you are in your office or near a public wifi igs very easy to connect your sgs2 to the access point provided you know the pass key. Just zlide down the notification bar click on wifi connecg.put in the password and you are done but what if you are a newbie and don't have to be clue how to setup wifi..

Well if u have a modem with wps button is quite easy just push on the wps button and switch on the wps on your sgs2 viola you have a connection.

What if you use an ETHERNET WIRE to connect to. Your Internet well if you are running WINDOWS 7 you are in luck you can spread your ETHERNET connection to your phone via software called CONNECTIFY, just follow simple instructions and make your p or laptop to a wifi hotshot for your phone.. Most importantly if you use the free version you have to do some simple things and here it goes
1.. Go to control panel > network connections find your ETHERNET connection (lan) Right click > properties > share Internet connection share the wireless connection and make it home connection.

2. Click firewall exclusion if you just use windows fire wall u can easily turn it off since its of no use any way. By if you are using a third party applications you have to set permissions to allow CONNECTIFY and other devices to share Internet.

3.. Use wpa instead of wep to share wifi connections on CONNECTIFY.. Also set a strong password. Now do a wifi search on your sgs2 viola we have connection.
Ps if you buy pro feature all will. Be done automatically

Second senario

When you have win xp CONNECTIFY or even the Microsoft network sharing can only share Internet through ADD-HOC but sgs2 does not connect to PC via add-hoc
So Houston we have a problem..
How do we solve it after countless searches have found that this can be done only by rooting.. Where in using your root explorer you will add a file called wpa_suppliment to your system directory there by giving sgs2 the ability to use wifi..

For non rooted people who using Xp I suggest you better get a router.

People search for the wpa_suppliment, file on XDA developers website. Pin It Now!

sgs2 owners TASTED ICe Cream sandwith today. Uk to follow on 19th mar

So ics is finally here for those off who are updatu.d your sgs2 for the first time here is a video which showa the exact screens whuch will appear on your screen while it is updating your galaxy s2 to ice cream sandwitch.
The video shows over the air or OTA update(using wifi or 3g connection ) this may not be available in some countries.
In these countries you will have to use kies to update to ics and connect your phone via tge USB wire provided with your phone .
So happy updating and please share some of the features you would come accross. Really amazing what technology could do. Have fun...

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


ICS UPDATE for SGS2 finally here

The Korean giant has finally ready to release the ics update for samsung galaxy s2. its finally here guys. Thought it has not been specifically mentioned where its going to be launched first. but as we all know it will be the European continent which will taste the chilly ice of the icream sandwich.If Samsung decided to launch it world wide on the same day it will be like the first of its kind this would remind me of the first world wide release of the hollywood movie released on the same day according to the time zones (hint: matrix revolutions)

so what will be the tantalizing features of the ics
here's a small gist

face unlock

the technology never stops surprising me.
how much more personel can u make your droidz will this is as close as it gets. we were amazed to see the pattern lock well face unlock takes it a notch higher.

the interface looks nice.
most of us on gingerbread would have already got the taste of this through the theme and wall papers etc but trust me guys its gono be way cooler


multi tasking has been changed , MADE MORE EASIER AND VERSATILE.


cant wait till tomorroW Pin It Now!

Monday, 5 March 2012




Heating is one of the dreaded complication s of Samsung galaxy S II, how many blogs u might have searched believe me I know I have gone through it myself
So how did I overcome it for this you should know what is is causing this overheating .The answer is simple it is your Android version the gingerbread 2.3.3 or 2.3.4.

What can be done about it is first and foremost update your Samsung kies on your PC to the latest version.
Next step is connect your phone to your PC via kies using the wire you received with your phone.
Now back up your
2. MESSAGES (sms)

Now as you know it will try to check the firmware say YES to the new firmware update and follow the given instructions on the updating portal. Most important is to keep your phone fully charged before you update.
So AFTER ABOUT 1 OR 2 HOURS (depending on your net speed) your firmware will be updated to 2.3.6 (this is the latest untill now in India and asia.). I know Ice cream sandwitch update is on its way but those of you facing the heating problem I am sure its difficult to wait.
The heating problem was cured on my phone.
( Warning you are solely responsible for updates so use caution)
you are one of those who has updated already you would have felt a drastic fall in temperature on you SGs2. How ever I did see many people complain of little heating while charging. so what I discovered was the heating was only present in the battery so I bought a spare battery and a charger which was available in the market which charged my battery out side my phone. the trick is if you charge the battery while your phone is off it will rarely get heated so if you find the charger in the market its fine if not switchoff the phone while it is charging plus u will see the phone charges faster
Another thing I discovered that if you u cleared phone cache often killed unnecessary apps the heating decreases. Do restart your phone once in a day Pin It Now!


we FAN-droidz love installing new apps and we would go to any extent to modify our Droids
In thi s craze we also want to install apps which are paid just becauae they are awesome but often we come accross apps which are extremely expensive. Ao what do people do they turn to sources other than Android market.

What we often forget are the risks when we download from unknown sources for all we know the apps may be taintef and can be sending your personel data to to some nerd sitting with a laptop across the globe so u should we be very careful before you choose your unknown sources.
Some of the falsies in the licensing aystem of Android market apps allows you to install paid,apps from unk.own sources for free.
So what these sites do is give you the apk files(installation files of your apps)
Most of the paid apps will be available at these sites.

One has to just look into the permission of the apps that is if it has a license check every time you.use the app such app cannot be used because the market license check will invalidate the app and it will crash but as my sources say there are only 5% of all the paid apps rest will work seemlessly.

For those 5% apps if one has a rooted android device people can usually use titanium back up and freeze the market app.

Some apps being expensive wil not be available in these unknown sorces. such as educational apps these come with a limited time period or trail period so lets say it has 7 day trail period one has to go to settings manage applications and delete the app data and the reinstall it will work for another seven days this can be done any number of times.

i hope the android devs could rectify the falsies . and help the other devs Pin It Now!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


(cellphones used here are Samsung galaxy s2 galaxy y)

1. Switch off wifi and Bluetooth and 3g if not in use.

2.keep you display to less than 30 % to increase battery life. Never use juice defender or battery saving apps as they interfere with your data connectivity.

3. Decrease the number of screen widgets u r using.. Delete those empty home screens decreases battery usage greatly.

Is a boon but a battery hog
Just go to settings account sync and switch off the auto sync for most of youe accouncts except your email if u use it alot. Of fb gadget as you wish. But yes decreasing the auto sync feature greatly increasea your battery life

5.let your phone completely charge and then discharge to the fullest extent this will make your battery live longer.

6. Decrease your vibration intensity, i.e you haptic feedback by going to settings sound uncheck haptic feedback.

7. Kill the unnecessary apps running in back ground either u can use the task manager or use go launcher and selectively kill the apps.

8. Decrease the screen timeout to 30 sec maximum.

9.switch off your phone once in a day.

10. Go to settings storage clear cache. Or use apptosd app to clear all app cache make phone faster

11. Screen shot
Press home key then immediately+power button Pin It Now!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Essentials apps for Android

For any proud Android owner the most important thing is apps.
We are in a constant search for apps to make our Droid ubercool. And if u are an Android user you are already considered the one who wants to use their smartphone to thw fullest extent. So here is a pack of most essential apps to get u started.


As an Android user the first app u should inatall is an antivirus especially if u are going to intall apps from non android market sources, believe me there are quite a few. Some of the trust worthy wil be mentioned in my future posts
There r a number of antivirus apps out there althought people and the comments and hits on the android market say its LOOKOUT security. I personally feel that AVAST is a better choice since it is light has an inbuilt anti theft option, scans apps immediately as u intall them. Much faster than LOOKOUT. More functions than AVG. So I give it a 4 stars.

2.file manager

a must have app for any beginner especially if u wana organize your files and folders better. Again there are a number of explorers out there and most have similar function. to name a few ASTROfile manager has the highest hits but it is more usefull if u have a eootes device. Other note worthy apps ESEXPLORER has its own image viewer and player. FILE MANAGER is yet another extremely light and more graphical feel. But no player yet a nice file explorer. manager

when we hear of zip or rar file we one name always strikea us winrar on PC but on androis they havent done a satisfactory job. So the app I recomend is ARHIDROID a neat app which lets u view zip and rar files and also allows us to make zip and rar files.

4. Back up


How can we forget backup. Especially if u have installed a number of apps and u don't want to download All the apps if u upgrade or reset ur phone. Agreed that your aaps are saved under your id on Android market but it only saves a list of names of your apps and if u are on a limited bandwidth its really painfull.
APPBACKUP is a nice app which saves all the installation files of ur app on an sd card. Cons does not save app data or game advances.
But if u want to save ur files game advances or even clone your device it had to be rooted. TITANIUM BACKUP does a wonderfull job in this regard.

5. Launchers

Even though u are not serious about beautification of ur device the third party lauchers pack a lot of addons which makes it a necessity. Be it your face book widget twitter or ur message replacement app.
GoLAUNCHER is wondeefull with all the beat addons. Best thing is its free
Laucher pro pro as in paid though has good themes doesnt match go launcher pro
ADW laucher is also paid and has good themes but addons are not satisfactory.
SPBSHELL LAUCNCHER the best outlook and graphics on the market and so ia the price rs 750 or 15$. Its because its 3d fuction and swirling home screen. Keep following my post or just ask mw how do u get it to try for free.

6. Hiding ur apps

we always want to share our apps but we also dont want others to see a few.
So for those of u who want this
HIDE IT PRO is an awesome app.

7. Go smspro

This is a replace ment app for ur SMS come with its own chat messenger message counter and umpteen number of themes. Including iPhone style sms.

8. Sound hound

if u want to identify the song being played and the lyrics and if u wanna know the top 10 songs being played this a right app. Plus it plays a sample of any song u throw at it so before downloading a song u can have preview.
Other app like SHAZAM encore also do a decent job.

9. Sycing your files

Best app out there is DROPBOX
as u can sync any file photo or document across all yoy devices
Cons only 2GB of space
But if u sync it witb ur skydrive account u can make it 25 gb. Aske how or follow my posts.
Other apps like BOX have similar function with 50 GB space not as versatile as dropbox.

10. Last but not the least
Cam apps

So so so many apps here but one note worthy is
Camera fx. Has 360 odd photo filters.
Pixel o matic
Little photo
Cam dictionary (Works best for Mandarin to English and vise versa)

the list will go on
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