Friday, 16 March 2012

Watch youtube videos seamlessly on 2g snail speeds

In places where you are lucky enough to have a wifi or a low priced 3g data plan. (still a dream in many countries).. The most commonly used form of interest net is still edge or wifi. Which is slow as he'll, with 5kbps speed you can't do much nor can you watch live streaming. Good videos,

ENTER NECESSITY. which is the mother of all inventions.. many people prefer downloading a YouTube video so that they can watch it withoutstreaming interruptions, but they are often feigned by presenting a pic instead of the video.. So how do you know the real videos, answer is simple by watching it live on line.

That's right folks here I am going to discuss ways How you can watch a you tube video at your gprs /edge/2g/snail speed.
1.. Real player
2. Any browser(I prefer dolphin)

first of all download the free real player from the the can play or market on your Android phone.
Open your browser, and this parts important so pay attention.. Ithe address bar enter instead of just YouTube. Com

now search for your favorite videos and click on the link watch video ur android phone will ask you if you want to play it with real player oyoutube or videos select REAL PLAYER and viola your video plays though in a low quality u can watch it it seamless ly enjoy.
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