Friday, 13 April 2012

galaxy s2 boot loop or restart loop solution.

galaxy s II boot loop or restart loop

one of the biggest flaw of gingerbread 2.3.6 is after  you have installed a number of app say for example 200app and you think you are very tech savvy and you knew shifting the app to sd using an app app 2sd or any other way.

many people  have experienced a boot loop or a restart loop when switching on the phone after a complete battery drain even while charging.

so what is the problem most commonly if you have noticed this occurs while restarting and you see media scanning sd card scanning and there you go a restart loop.

other reason being the over heating while charging (another  flaw of gingerbread 2.3.6)

solution to the restart loop

1. recharge the battery outside the phone as i have mentioned in my sgs2 over heating section

2. when your battery reaches 2% switch it off don't let it turn off due to total battery drain . switch back your device on only when you have charged upto 5% of battery level.

3. clear the cache as often as possible . your browsing history ,app cache etc. use any app u like i prefer android assistant .

4.long term cure .

A)shift some of the most important apps like ur browser ,most commonly used cam apps, messaging app, messenger app, any app having a widget shift them to ur phone memory. remember you are having 1.97 gb of space in your phone s internal memory.

and about games which have data of somewhat about 30 to 40 mb shift them to ur phone memory.
larger games of more than 100 better keep them to ur sd card phone memory.

B) there is a folder in your sd card called .android secure open it. it is the place where the data of the app is saved after you have moved it to sd card. here please check out those obsolete app data which you have uninstalled but still exists , just find those app data and delete it 

5. if you are in a hurry .

a short term cure is the moment your phone is ON quickly go to

settings>storage> unmount ur sd card and wait for 5 min.

clear or kill running apps via task manager.

now go back to settings storage MOUNT SD card.

viola though this thing works 7 out of 10 times.

once u r vexed like me u can always follow  my long TERM cure above.

now if you are curious why this happens some say since the wifi antennas and sd car reader is very near hence the heat.
next if a lot of app data is on the sd card rather than your phone this leads to increase loading  time.
hence the crash.

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