Friday, 16 March 2012

Easy wifi on sgs2

If you are in your office or near a public wifi igs very easy to connect your sgs2 to the access point provided you know the pass key. Just zlide down the notification bar click on wifi connecg.put in the password and you are done but what if you are a newbie and don't have to be clue how to setup wifi..

Well if u have a modem with wps button is quite easy just push on the wps button and switch on the wps on your sgs2 viola you have a connection.

What if you use an ETHERNET WIRE to connect to. Your Internet well if you are running WINDOWS 7 you are in luck you can spread your ETHERNET connection to your phone via software called CONNECTIFY, just follow simple instructions and make your p or laptop to a wifi hotshot for your phone.. Most importantly if you use the free version you have to do some simple things and here it goes
1.. Go to control panel > network connections find your ETHERNET connection (lan) Right click > properties > share Internet connection share the wireless connection and make it home connection.

2. Click firewall exclusion if you just use windows fire wall u can easily turn it off since its of no use any way. By if you are using a third party applications you have to set permissions to allow CONNECTIFY and other devices to share Internet.

3.. Use wpa instead of wep to share wifi connections on CONNECTIFY.. Also set a strong password. Now do a wifi search on your sgs2 viola we have connection.
Ps if you buy pro feature all will. Be done automatically

Second senario

When you have win xp CONNECTIFY or even the Microsoft network sharing can only share Internet through ADD-HOC but sgs2 does not connect to PC via add-hoc
So Houston we have a problem..
How do we solve it after countless searches have found that this can be done only by rooting.. Where in using your root explorer you will add a file called wpa_suppliment to your system directory there by giving sgs2 the ability to use wifi..

For non rooted people who using Xp I suggest you better get a router.

People search for the wpa_suppliment, file on XDA developers website.
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