Tuesday, 24 April 2012


What does one mean by the phrase Tech Savvy, in this world of computing and technology its all about being ready with what ever information be it your media files or your personal work docs ON the GO.
Yes we are talking about the latest craze the VIRTUAL STORAGE space, which has become rage since apple launched icloud quite a few competitors wanted in on the action enter DROPBOX , BOX.NET , SKYDRIVE, SUGARSYNC. and almost all of them have caught the eye of everyone by what they have to offer at ine point or the other.

 Dropbox of all has stood above all just due to its versatality and ease of use, which sync all your devices (android ,apple,   windows xp 0r win 7 mac osx) device ,seemlessly with its autosync feature and allowing you to sync file of any size untill you run out of space on your account(ofcourse the new customers will be unfortunately be greeted with a 300mb max at time upload limit soon).that said the other con here is u only get 2,5 gb of space to start with. expandable upto 16 gb of space for free based on refferals (250 mb/per referal).but if u have a lot of cash and you r very serious about your storage there is always the option of buying more.
sync seemlessly across alldevices- media, docs, even apps aks files
multiple file upload
auto upload of cameera clicks(if u wish)
sharing files folders with friend or your boss by the puch link feature
syncing your POCKET account info to your dropbox(that is if you dont have google wallet yet)
2gb starting free space expandable upto 16gb with referals

SKYDRIVe: a virtual storage provided by microsoft.
to start with you r required to have a windows live/hotmail account to use it. greets you with 25 gb of free storage space. when it comes to syncing Microsoft has been partial by not releasing an app for android so you have to use your browse. or like me use BROWSE SKY DRIVE. but Microsoft has released an app for iphone and win mobile device.

sync with your online account and your pc is easy if you have win 7 for xp u will need additional software running in back ground.

25 gb of space
multiple file upload
PC and VIRTUAL account sync on win 7
 share files and photos as albums with friends
no native app for android
requires windows live account
100 mb /file limit
 reqires additional soft ware to run sync with win xp

similar to your dropbox. but only sync files to your virtual drive which you can access it through your browser on your pc.
syncing from android phone is easy by the BOX native android app.

best feature of all you start with 100 gb of online storage space

native android app
100 gb of space

no desktop or pc syncronisation
sharing with friends is a bit of shabby,

Coming to the million dollar question can we increase the dropbox space other than the reffal and the buying method yes there is for that please refer to my post

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